Microsoft Word for Lawyers

A lawyer cannot be merely proficient in using Microsoft Word; a lawyer must be an expert. MS Word, after all, is the primary tool in the lawyer’s toolbox.

In these three videos, I share my thoughts on the importance of becoming an expert in MS Word, and discuss some of the essential MS Word skills every lawyer should develop.

Finally, I set forth a few links to other sources that address MS Word in general, and its Table of Contents and Table of Authorities features in particular.


Microsoft Word for Lawyers: Introduction

Microsoft Word for Lawyers: Tables of Contents

Microsoft Word for Lawyers: Tables of Authorities

Additional Resources

In the videos, I mentioned these two books:

There are many, many other resources on these topics on the Internet, including on YouTube and on the Microsoft Office support site. If you have a question, Google it; answers are out there. Here are a few posts that are helpful: