Community Honors

2009-11-16 001

New Orleans Magazine, Top New Orleans Lawyers, 2012-2021

Recipient, Camille Gravelle Pro Bono Award, Federal Bar Association, New Orleans Chapter, 2007

Lawdragon 3000 (list of top American lawyers), 2006

Recipient, Gambit Magazine, Forty-Under-Forty Award, 2002

Recipient, Louisiana State Bar Association, President’s Award, 2001

Recipient, City Business Magazine, Power Generation Award, 2000

Recipient, Gillis Long Poverty Law Center Public Service Award, 1997

Community Service

Lawyer Disciplinary Committee, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana
Member, 2016-2017
Chairperson, 2010-2016

City of New Orleans Ethics Review Board
Executive Administrator and General Counsel, 2018-present
General Counsel, 2015-2018

Associate Executive Director, Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel, 2009-present

Member, American Law Institute, 2003-present

Legal Analyst, Various National, State, and Local Media, 1998-present

Reporter, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana Committee on Revising Attorney Disciplinary Procedures, 2009-2010

Board Member, Louisiana Organization for Judicial Excellence, 2004

Instructor, Louisiana State Bar Association Diversionary Ethics School, 1999-2000

Member, Louisiana State Bar Association Codes of Conduct Committee, 1998-2000

Member, Louisiana State Bar Association Quality of Life Task Force, 2015-2018

Member, Federal Criminal Justice Act Panel, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana (panel of attorneys accepting appointments to represent indigent defendants in federal prosecutions), 1991-present

Member, Louisiana State Bar Association Professionalism Committee, 1997-2006

Member, Louisiana State Bar Association Board of Governors, 2007-2009

Board Member, Orleans Parish Indigent Defender Program, 2006-2007

Reporter, Louisiana State Bar Association Ethics 2000 Committee, 1999-2004

Reporter, Louisiana State Law Institute Emancipation Committee, 2004-2008

Reporter, Louisiana State Law Institute Tutorship Procedure Committee, 2000-2009

Reporter, Louisiana State Law Institute Interdiction Committee, 1996-2002

Member, Louisiana Supreme Court Committee on the Prevention of Lawyer Misconduct, 1999-2003

Member, Louisiana State Law Institute Criminal Law Committee, 2006-2009

Interim Host, It’s the Law, Cox Cable Television New Orleans and Jefferson Produced by New Orleans Bar Association, December 1999-2000

Louisiana State Bar Association, Ethics Advisory Committee, Member, 2000-2003, Reporter, 1997-2000

Council Member, Louisiana State Law Institute, 1997-2000

Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board, Hearing Committee Member, 1998-1999, Hearing Committee Chairperson, 1999-2003

Louisiana Supreme Court Bar Admissions Advisory Committee, Member, 1997-1999, Chairperson, 1999-2001

Director, Pro Bono Criminal Law for Civil Lawyers (two-day CLE seminar training civil lawyers to undertake pro bono criminal cases), 1995-2002

Advisory Editor, Tulane Law Review, 1993-2009

Member, Board of Directors, Louisiana Capital Assistance Center (public-interest organization defending capital cases for indigent clients), 1996-2006

Appointed Counsel, Orleans Parish Criminal District Court (pro bono representation of indigent defendants in first- and second-degree murder prosecutions), 1991-2008

Evaluator, American Bar Association, Central European Law Initiative, March 1999 (evaluated code of legal ethics for the Republic of Armenia)

Loyola University and College of Law Service

Faculty Advisor, Loyola College of Law Honor Board, 2002-present

Director, University of Vienna International Program, 2013-present

Loyola College of Law Petitions Committee, Chair, 2015-present

Loyola College of Law Skills and CLE Committee, Member, 2015-present

Loyola College of Law International Programs Committee
Member, 2010-201
Chair, 2011-2012

Faculty Advisor, Loyola Law Review, 1997-2003, 2006

Faculty Advisor, Order of the Barristers, 1998-2003

Faculty Advisor, Loyola Intellectual Property Law Quarterly, 1996-2002

Faculty Advisor, Loyola ATLA Chapter, 1997-2002

Law School Representative, Loyola University Senate, 1997-1999

Loyola Law School Dean Search Committee
Chairperson, 2001-2002
Member, 2000-2001

Chairperson, Loyola Law School Law Clinic Committee, 2005-2007

Chairperson, Loyola Law School Faculty Unification Committee, 2004

Chairperson, Loyola Law School Library Director Search Committee, 2000-2001

Member, Loyola Law School By-Laws Committee, 2000-2001

Member, Loyola Law School Pre-Admissions Committee, 1998-1999

Member, Loyola Law School Tenure Guidelines Committee, 1998-1999

Member, Loyola Law School Library Committee, 1997-1998, 2013-2015

Member, Loyola Law School Skills Committee, 1997–1998

Member, Loyola Law School Curriculum Committee, 1996-1997

Member, Loyola Law School Admissions Committee, 1996-1997

Member, Loyola Law School Student Recruitment and Career Services Committee, 1995-1996