Time and Billing


For time and billing use Clio.

Please enter time no later than the end of the following day.

For CJA cases, use voucher “catgegories,” particularly “In-Court” and “Out-of-Court” time.


Lawyers working by the hour must keep time sheets with detailed time records. Here are a billing few do’s and don’ts:

  • Do record your time in narrative format with good detail.
  • Do bill in minimum increments of .10 of an hour (six minutes).
  • Don’t block bill. Break the time up into smaller billable chunks.
  • Don’t record time that sounds like paralegal work. For example, don’t record lawyer time like this: “Filed documents received from defense counsel.”
  • Don’t record time in sentence fragments. Use full sentences and capital letters to begin those sentences.

For a good, brief article on the topic see this: https://www.attorneyatwork.com/three-ways-better-billing/