You really don’t need a landline any more. Get a good cellphone with a good service provider. While Android phones apparently work, you probably should get an iPhone. Everyone else has and it works great with your iPad.

Set up voicemail, but ask callers not to leave a voicemail unless it is absolutely necessary. Suggest that they send you an email (preferred) or text message instead of leaving a voicemail message. I promise on my voicemail to return a voicemail within 24 hours; I promise to return emails and text messages immediately. As a result, I (thankfully) get few voicemail messages.

Do you need a virtual receptionist like or the like? Maybe Some lawyers swear by them. They certainly sound professional when they answer. But these “receptionists” are expensive. And, although the person in Seattle who answers the phone can pronounce your name correctly, he can’t do much else. I say not worth it.