Technology: Hardware

All paperless lawyers–which all lawyers should be–need or should consider using the following hardware. (I know much of this is obvious.) The best site for reviews of the latest and greatest hardware is Wirecutter.

Essential Hardware

  1. A laptop computer. I once insisted that this computer be a Windows machine. However, Apple Mac computers apparently work fine (or better) than Windows computers. Moreover, in the past I used CaseMap, which only ran on Windows; CaseFleet is a modern on-line alternative that runs on any platform.
  2. A large widescreen monitor at least 39″ wide. You need this to work on multiple documents at the same time.
  3. A mobile phone. Get an Apple iPhone. Everyone else has one and it works better with iMessage.
  4. A document scanner. The only one to buy is a Fujitsu ScanSnap.
  5. A printer. Yes, some people still use paper.

Hardware To Consider

  1. An iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. Use this to read documents and check email on the go.
  2. A destop computer at your office. It’s just better to have all of your data on two machines that are constantly sync’d using Dropbox, Google Drive, or MS OneDrive.